So many always-fresh seed options delivered weekly from our Ohio co-op. We guarantee you’ll attract more birds!

Click on the photos to find your new favorite.

Tree Icing Spreadable Suet

Woodpeckers and Nuthatches love it!

Bluebird Food

Live & dried mealworms, suet nuggets and more.

Smaller Seed Sizes

All BWS seed is available in 5lb bags, too.

BWS Course Chips

Nothing but big chunks of sunflower hearts with zero shells.

BWS North Coast Cardinal Blend

Safflower and sunflower mix. Attracts Northern Cardinals and a lot more!

BWS White Millet

Perfect for Sparrows and other small songbirds.

BWS Critter Snack

Will attract furry and feathered friends to your ground feeder!

BWS Suet

When Woodpeckers dream, they see our selection!

You’re buying birds. Not seed.
So, get the freshest and attract the most!

The BWS Seed Room

Only our co-op in Ohio has more fresh seed than us!

Black Sunflower Oil

A high-energy, go-to seed for every backyard bird!

BWS Premium Classic Blend

The blend with our highest amount of black-oil sunflower in the shell!

BWS Fine Sunflower Chips

Great for Finches, Chickadees, Titmice and other songbirds.

BWS Whole Peanuts in the Shell

Great for Woodpeckers, Blue Jays and other big backyard birds.

BWS Deluxe Finch Mix: Our #1 Seller

Goldfinches can’t resist the mix of nyjer, millet and fine sunflower chips!

We get 2,000 lbs. of seed delivered fresh from OH every week.

BWS Shell-free Fruit & Nut Mix

All fresh sunflower and peanuts with a dash of dried fruit. Birds clean it up. You don’t.

BWS House Blend

This blend has our second highest amount of black-oil sunflower in the shell!

BWS Safflower

Attracts Northern Cardinals, not Starlings and squirrels.

BWS No-Mess Mix

Sunflower and peanuts out of the shell. A lot of birds. Not a lot of shells.

Seed Cylinders

You set it and forget it. But the birds sure won’t!