Nesting Boxes

Ready to go from feeding birds to putting a roof over their heads? Thought so!

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Let's Get Original!

Custom-made local nesting boxes.

Bluebirds, wrens, bats, owls, kestrels, chickadees...

They all have a home here!

Decorative Blue Bird Houses

Because…why not?

Bluebird Houses

Designed to keep Bluebirds in…and predators out.

Did I mention we have a really big selection?

We’re home to the boxes birds want!

So…many…nesting boxes!

Locally-Made Nesting Boxes

Post-Mounted Nesting Boxes

Each one made by hand in New England.

Barn-Wood Nesting Boxes

Proudly made by Butler Co. artisan Joe Cancilla.

Decorative Nesting Boxes

Don’t let the pretty look fool you. They’re made for the outside!

Cedar Rules!

Our wooden nesting boxes will last decades.