Tube feeders, hopper feeders, Finch, Oriole, Hummingbird and Woodpecker feeders…We have feeder styles for every bird.

Click on the photos to learn a little more about each.

Peanut Feeders

In the shell. Out of the shell. Birds will love it!

Decorative Feeders?

Oh yes, we have a LOT of decorative feeders.

Anti-Squirrel Feeders

Just one of more than 15 squirrel-proof feeders we carry!

Recycled-plastic Hopper Feeders

Made in the USA. With or without suet cages.


If we don’t have it for hummingbirds, the don’t make it!

Triple Bin Feeders

One feeder. Three partitions for variety of seed!

Tube Feeders

Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.


Single & double suet cages with tailboards, peanut feeders, suet plug logs and more!

Those birds eat a lot, huh?

Oriole Feeders

Feeders for nectar, jelly and fruit – or all three combined!

Wooden Hopper Feeders

Made in the USA from cedar to stand up year after year.

Oriole Feeders

Did I mention we have a lot of Oriole feeders?

Decorative Feeders

Bring the birds in with some yard bling!


Our Hummingbird Section

(Hummingbirds not included.)

Big Hopper Feeders. Small Hopper Feeders.

We have you covered.

Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird feeders for your window. Or your sense of style.

More Oriole Feeders

‘Cause we can’t fit them all in one photo.

Platform Feeders

The seed goes in. The birds come out. It’s that simple!

Goldfinch Feeders

Love Goldfinches? Then you’re gonna love our selection!

Right feeder + Right Seed = This!