Baths and Water Features

Did you know water features can pull as many birds into your yard as having a feeder? Well you do now!

Click on the photos to find the option that’s right for you.

Classic Pedestal Bird Baths

Made from durable plastic, not concrete.

Heated Bird Baths

Keep the watering hole open all winter.

Ground Bird Baths

Plug it in for winter. Unplug for summer.

Bird Bath Central

About the only thing we don’t carry are tiny hot tubs.

H2Oh yeah, baby!

Water Wiggler

Keeps water moving to attract birds and eliminate mosquitos.

Hanging Bird Baths

Short on space? Wet your birds’ whistle with one of these.

Resin Baths

Won’t crumble like concrete. And you won’t get a hernia moving them.

A little water makes a big splash in attracting more birds!